August 20th, 2006


WANTED: Gay Men and Their Dogs!


I am organizing an online community art project/photo album entitled "Gay Men and their Dogs."

Countless times I have walked through San Francisco and seen adorable gay guys walking their adorable dogs, begging to be photographed and compiled into a coffee table book. Until the day I can get publishing, I am collecting photos for an online photo gallery instead.

Are you leather daddies with a poodle? A skinny twink with three Great Danes? Please, submit a portrait of you and your canine buddy to this great non-profit community art project!

1. Participants must be 18+ years old.
2. Photos must be no smaller than 600x400 pixels.
3. No lewd, rude, or pornographic material accepted.

1. Submit a digital photo or scan of a portrait of you and your dog(s) to
2. With your photo, please include the first names of each person and dog in the photo, its breed, and your location (city/state)

Thank you!
Any questions and submissions can be directed to Eugene at

To see another example of this kind of community photo art project, see my first project "The Wizard of Oz" here:
dawn of the dead

Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft

Greetings from the high Priest of the Esoteric Order of Dagon – please circulate this widely to reach all followers of DREAD CTHULHU:

Happy Birthday Howard Phillips Lovecraft -- August 20th, 1890 to March 15, 1937
Location: Ocean Beach, Fulton and Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
When: Saturday, August 26, 6:00pm

UPDATED AUGUST 20th : First things first – we had to buy a permit, and thanks to your donations we have paid for more than 50% of it! Please PayPal donations to -- if everyone gives $1 or so, then it’s paid for!

As the time grows near for our debauched revelry, the park service is cracking down on permitted beach fires this year. Anything over 25 attendees requires a permit. Part of that permit requires that I inform all attendees of the following rule that must be followed, at least until our dread master appears and eats the Park Police:

ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED ON OCEAN BEACH. This includes the walkway and the seawall from the intersection of Lincoln Way north to the Cliff House. Glass is prohibited on the sidewalks, parking lots, and all areas within 100 feet of the beaches. Please use alternate containers.

Please note that I am required to tell you this, but I am not required to enforce it.

UPDATED AUGUST 14th: Everyone will be devoured eventually -- be among the first! Lord Cthulhu doesn't promise to eat us all in the order we RSVP in, but he does promise that it'll be before the rest of humanity is devoured -- so tell everyone that THIS IS THEIR CHANCE TO DIE FIRST!

Also just added -- the Blasphemous Drum Circle and the Bride of Cthulhu will lure him from the deep!! Maybe we can roast marshmallows and hot dogs while waiting for him?!! Giant squid sand sculptures! Paint the All Seeing Eye on your forehead to denote your membership in the cult – we will have eye painting ceremonies at the beach!

ORIGINAL POSTING: "That cult would never die till the stars came right again, and the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth. The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy."

It came time for the cult to call dread Cthulhu, and thus they gathered on the shores of Ocean Beach in San Francisco. They brought wine of both grape and barley, although some partook of blasphemous concotions frowned upon in polite society. Dancing grotesquely about the contorted flames, the Esoteric Society of Dagon performed base rituals that culminated with a dread ceremony precisely at the stroke of midnight.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming!

You are encouraged to dress according to whatever design cultists might take these days, so that we may gather the most blasphemous drum circle on the beach before the greasy flames of our revelry.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft -- August 20th, 1890 to March 15, 1937

Location: Ocean Beach, Fulton and Great Highway, San Francisco, CA
When: Saturday, August 26, 6:00pm

To join the Cult of Cthulhu and the Esoteric Order of Dagon, please click on this link: