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San Francisco

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Let's play "Is it human or dog" in SF! [28 Nov 2014|08:03pm]

A Map of Poopy Hot Spots in San Francisco:

Bonus, you can pay millions for the privilege of waking up to a steaming pile~
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Rat Hoarder Sets Loose Countless on City [31 May 2014|08:39am]


Click link above for video, c&p article under cut.

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Someone play "Taps" [16 Apr 2014|09:01am]

Alas poor Super Tokio, I knew thee well, and now thou art officially closed forever.

I suppose it was inevitable, what with New May Wah invading on their turf lo' these many years, but I still shopped in all the Asian markets and found things at ST that I couldn't find elsewhere (including a bomb tonkatsu sauce and pickles still in my fridge); I also enjoyed the respite from being constantly shoved. May the owners be well.

Is there a closed store from San Francisco that you miss?

Vacant lots that you see staying vacant too long?

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Occupied: San Francisco: Understanding the City Through its Toilets. [21 Mar 2014|06:45pm]

Having lived in the city for decades, I truly was intrigued by this article. I want to add that I became aware of what a legitimately serious issue toilets were while enjoying Bill Bryson's At Home: A Short History of Private Life (which I recommend, his audio books are also excellent); hearing easy to understand explanations of the horror of old London and the cowboy era of America was enlightening. First world problems? We take the potty for granted.

This article is highly relevant to our city, but it is also wonderfully clever, the puns are just right and add a necessary levity worthy of the New York Times (if it had a few Oxford college words, lol). There's no point avoiding the puns anyway, just let them happen as author Rachel Swan does. Do you have any city bathroom stories to tell? Do you ideas or experience on how to improve the situation?

Btw, I realize this LJ community has slowed down, but I hope there are still people out there who find the culture and general topics of the city to be interesting. I have mentioned sanfrancisco within my own journal as well.

Who wouldn't want to read this?!

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Presidio Sticks with its Roots for Historic Trees [20 Mar 2014|02:30pm]

A good recent article about trees in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park that is well worth reading.

How are the trees where you live?

By Jonah Owen Lamb

Wind was the problem. Trees were the solution.

The strong ocean breeze that batters the Presidio today was an even more malevolent force in the former military outpost's early days. It pushed sand under doorways and through windowsills, which literally piled up in kitchens.

The simple logic of the Army's largest horticultural experiment -- carpet-bombing the sandy dunes of the Presidio with trees from 1886 to 1900 -- was a solution that eventually turned into a problem. In that short span of time, the Army populated the area with Monterey pine and cypress, along with the ubiquitous Tasmanian blue gum, better known as the eucalyptus tree.

After the planting, the Army all but forgot about its arboreal creation for nearly 100 years. When the last soldiers packed up and left in 1994, those windbreaks, by then an unkempt and unhealthy 300-acre forest, were in shambles.

"The forest was in decline," said Peter Ehrlich, the Presidio Trust's forester, who has for the past decade been leading revitalization efforts. The Trust manages the former base.

Those efforts have included pruning and planting a tree that other locales -- nearby Angel Island, for instance -- have worked hard to remove.


It could be said that no tree in California is as common or as controversial as the eucalyptus, which started to fall out of favor in the 1980s. It's reviled by some as an invasive species that must be eradicated, and defended by others as part of the state's polyglot flora. On Mount Sutro, for instance, neighbors are fighting UC San Francisco's plans to thin the forest, while huge stands grow unabated atop parts of the Marin Headlands.

The Presidio is not tearing out its eucalyptus forest for a simple reason: It's not allowed to. Many of the area's trees -- mostly pine, cypress and eucalyptus -- were planted more than a century ago and are under protected status.

"We want eucalyptus here because it's part of the historic designation," Ehrlich said. "We have to do it because it's a cultural forest."

That designation came in 1963 when the U.S. government declared the Presidio a National Historic Landmark District.

Therefore, the park's forest cannot just be formed at will. Part of it must be kept intact because of the Army's planting efforts, while other parts are being restored to original habitat.

That, according to Ehrlich, entails making it a healthy place for trees of all kinds, native and non-native.

"We're trying to understand the unique qualities of this place, to experiment, and not import artificial ideas about how to care for the forest but actually develop indigenous ways of thinking about it," Michael Boland, chief of Presidio planning, said of their approach to managing the forest.

In the past decade, the Presidio Trust, which manages the area, has as part of its reforestation program planted 3,500 trees: redwood, oak, cypress and pine.
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What nudity ban? [25 Feb 2014|10:32pm]

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Presido Trust rejects all three museum proposals [03 Feb 2014|04:34pm]

Picture 1

Presido Trust rejects all three museum proposals, including Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

The Presidio Trust on Monday announced that it rejected all three proposals for the former commissary site near Crissy Field.
The team behind the most prominent of those proposals, a museum featuring filmmaker George Lucas’ vast art collection, immediately indicated that it was seeking alternate sites for its project.

Other rejected ideas included the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy’s Presidio Exchange cultural institution and event center, and a sustainability-themed ecological center proposed by the Bridge/Sustainability Institute.

In the roughly two years since the Trust asked for proposals for the site, the debate has morphed into something beyond a discussion about what type of building is best for the site. It has drawn into its orbit national figures -- U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Ed Lee, Steve Jobs’ widow and even MC Hammer -- who all backed the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum. Others have said any decision should be postponed until the completion of work on Doyle Drive.

In many ways, the arguments over the Presidio have appeared to carry water for larger issues: conservation and tradition vs. change and innovation, big private money vs. publicly respected nonprofits.

The very two-sided debate has pitted “Star Wars” creator Lucas, and his hopes to build the museum for his art collection, against longtime Trust partner the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and its plan to build the multiuse cultural center.

Previous attempts by Gap founder Donald Fisher to open a private art museum in the Presidio were rebuffed. The art collection was eventually donated to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The Presidio Trust requested proposals in November 2012 to take advantage of the eventual linking of Crissy Field to the former military base’s center, the Parade Ground. The Trust’s criteria for the site where the Sports Basement store now sits were that the proposals had to fit in with the national park’s aesthetics, serve as a cultural institution and recognize the area’s history.

The three finalists unveiled their proposals in November, but were all rejected by the Trust for being too big or not suitable for the setting.

Final designs were submitted Jan. 17.
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Just a question... [05 Jan 2014|02:40am]

Hi all!

Two years ago I was visiting SF and I saw in a shop window this moving picture.
If you're walking about the picture, the items on it are moving too.


Can you tell me, what is this picture?
And where it is sold? (better if it's online store)

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[30 Dec 2013|06:23pm]

I've searched throughout the city, but maybe I'm just not looking thoroughly enough.

I'm trying to find where I could buy a flag of San Francisco. I've looked online and there are a few available for astronomical prices (compared to my other flags which have cost me ~$4). I'm not sure where to start.

Any ideas?
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Bridal Shops [19 Oct 2012|06:29pm]

Pleeease help!

Can anyone recommend a bridal shop in SF with affordable wedding dresses (looking for less than $1,000).  My mother is coming into town tomorrow (Saturday 10/20) to help me find a dress, and I procrastinated until now in finding a couple places to visit. I'm totally cool with consignment shops, recycled dresses, sample dresses, etc.  Or local designers with lower prices. 


PS- We'll probably check out Jessica McClintock and David's Bridal.
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Free DIY event [01 Oct 2012|03:24pm]

Have you seen all those cute book clutches on etsy and want to learn to make your own? The Chinatown Branch Library is hosting a DIY event upcycling old books into clutches. It will be on Tuesday, October 16th from 3-5pm. It's free and open to everyone. Visit our library's webpage to see event details or visit the blog to see the tutorial.
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The Shojo in Shojo manga [27 Aug 2012|05:27pm]

Hi all! The librarian from San Francisco's Chinatown Branch here. We're hosting a free talk on Shojo manga(Japanese comics for girls) led by Viz Media's manga editor, Amy Yu, on Saturday, September 15 from 2-3pm. We'll discuss different types of female characters that appear in shojo manga. Cultural context and ideas of femininity will be explored, as well as what components make the stories in shojo manga so addicting! If you're in town or nearby, please feel free to join us.
(Fake Cut to Library's Website)
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Drag show and music near public transportation [22 Aug 2012|07:27pm]

I'm a Portlander headed down that way for the first time next week for a few days. I will be staying both in Union Square (Parc 55 Wyndham) and out by the airport (Hilton SFO Bayfront), and will be a slave to the BART/public transporation system.

I want to find both a good Drag Show and some good jazz, funk, or other guaranteed funtimes local music that will be easily/quickly accessible by public transportation near one of my hotels! When staying near the Airport, I've just been told to take the shuttle to the airport to hop on the BART..
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Took a little flight to the Golden Gate.... [30 Jul 2012|05:01pm]

My uncle is a pilot. Here is a video with one amazingly good pan of the Golden Gate (amazingly good considering I wasn't using a video camera).

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Free San Francisco DIY event [22 Jul 2012|03:37pm]

Come to the Chinatown Branch Library in San Francisco on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm and learn how to fold a delicate paper lotus flower! The program is free and open to all who are interested.
(Follow fake cut to Library website)
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Beaches and Target [28 Jun 2012|03:29pm]

Hello everyone,

An update from my previous post in the community and additional questions.

First, I wanted to let everyone know that I am having a BLAST here, and really enjoying this awesome city.

I had two questions to ask:

1- I know it's chilly, but some days have been warmer than others. I really want to take a nice swim in the ocean, and was wondering where would be the best place to do so. I am okay with renting a car and driving to a more remote location, so long as there is food and shops by the beach. Should i bother trying to check out L.A.?

2- I will be going ziplining at mount hermon tomorrow and was wondering what's the biggest target I could hit up on the way. I love target and want the hugest coolest one i can find on the way. Where is the coolest one?

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Alcatraz? [21 Jun 2012|10:07am]

I didn't see a recent entry on this so I hope no one minds me posting this.

I'm visiting SF for the first time and have a couple things planned, but will play it by ear for the most part. I'm having a hard time finding tickets for Alcatraz. I just want a simple ferry ticket over and back; no tours, no audio whatever, just a ticket there and back. I thought it was simple, anyway. It might be too late for us to go, which would be a big shame.

Can anyone help me out with this? Thank you in advance!
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Where to stay, where to shop and what to do in SF [15 May 2012|11:10pm]

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if someone has already asked this but I did not find a post that was relevant to my questions recently.

I will be visiting your lovely city from the end of June to the start of July. I have a few questions:

1- I will be attending a conference at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco (5 embarcadero center) for the first week, and will be free to roam the second week. I am looking for the best accommodations (for 2 people) and do not mind moving around half way through my trip. Ideally, I'd be very close (<10 minute cab drive) to the Hyatt the first week, and close to shopping areas the second week.

Ideally it would have air conditioning also, since I don't want to get all sweaty every day before the conference. Anyone know of a hotel or apartment rental that would be good for this area? I checked airbnb and there are not many a/c options in those areas. I would prefer not to spend an outrageous amount (about 150 per night for 2 people is what i'm thinking)

2- What are the best places to shop for local and not outrageously expensive things? I am not interested in big box stores or second hand shops, but just reasonably prices local boutiques.

3- what are some cool things I should do while in the city?

4- Where would be the best places to eat (if you're a foodie, i really want your opinion on this, Anthony Bourdain disappointed)

Thanks everyone!
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Driving to Muir Woods [15 Feb 2012|03:00pm]

Hello there,

I'll be visiting San Francisco next week and have a few questions about driving to the Muir Woods. I'll be staying downtown, and am wondering how long the drive is (Google Maps says its 38 minutes - is this accurate?), how busy the Golden Gate bridge will be at 8 AM on a Monday morning (leaving SF) and at 4 PM on a Monday afternoon (coming back to SF), and if the roads leading up to the park are particularly curvy, or what condition they're in.

Thanks for any tips you have to offer!
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Hotel with pool? [01 Jan 2012|10:17pm]

Do any of you happen to know of a nice/nicer hotel in the Embarcadero/Union Square area that has a pool? I'm aware it's a long shot, but I thought I'd ask. I've been checking on hotels.com and Expedia to no avail. Thanks.
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